About Dura Industries

For more than 40 year Dura Industries has had a hand in shaping the skylines of many cities throughout the United States and in their home town of Portland Oregon. Architects, building designers and contractors have been using them for many years to develop, pick colors, and apply PVDF coatings. They have the ability to match colors or custom blend giving them endless color possibilities. Good service and a reputation for top quality work have helped them survive and grow over the years. Considered an extrusion coater for PVDF coatings and a custom coater for powder coatings, Dura Industries is one of only a few shops in the northwest that applies both paint and powder coatings.



Dura Industries is an approved applicator of high-performance thermally cured organic architectural coatings (PVDF) and certified applicator for PACCAR truck parts. Our services include Kynar 500® coatings (Duranar, Fluropon), for extrusions, curtain wall panels, storefront, entrance systems and architectural components. This also includes baked enamels powder coatings and other durable finishes that meet MIL, AAMA, ASCA, PACCAR and other industry specifications for truck parts and a variety of manufactured goods as well as electronic components and military parts. A seven stage Chromate Conversion pretreatment system is available for meeting the most stringent of paint or powder requirements. A conveyor system with the ability to do either paint or powder coatings gives them the versatility to meet the needs of many types of customers. Separate batch booths for both paint and powder handle the variety of day to day custom jobs and can handle parts up to 25 feet long. Sandblasting is available for steel parts or cleaning previously coated items.


Professional Applicators

Dura Industries is an approved applicator for:

PPG Duranar coatings
Sherwin Williams/Valspar Fluropon coatings
Akzo Nobel Trinar coatings
Tiger Drylac Fluoropolymer powder coatings
PACCAR certified to CMT0030 & CMT0048

Kynar® and Kynar 500® are registered trademarks belonging to Arkema Inc.